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I've tried rod wrappings tools and never liked them as well as simply wrapping by hand. Place your spool of thread in a coffee mug and run the thread through a book with several books placed on top to create a stack to provide weight and thereby tension your thread. Hold the blank in your hand and roll the thread on. This has resulted in much better results than the rod wrapping tools I've used and results in a flawless wrap. It's a good idea to place a folded sheet of plain white paper in your book where your thread runs through to keep the print from discoloring your thread.

Get a gap in your windings? Just unroll it by moving the rod back towards you maintaining tension on the thread. Most wrappers don't do that very well at alll.

Of course the commercial rod wrapping machines will work better, but at a big price!

I agree with the recommendation to get a drying motor. I bought one many years ago from Angler's Workshop that runs on a single D battery. I've had it for over twenty years now and it still works fine. It also works well for making the Aquaseal coating that I coat my flyline loops with to be perfectly distributed.
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