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ADKs and Maine

I spent about a decade dedicated to the study of still water backcountry ponds in the ADK's and Maine. The ADKs have some exceptional brook trout ponds. I tend to stay away from the high peaks region though. There is quite a bit more traffic there then other parts of the ADK's. The acid rain had two impacts. On the western ADKs they killed quite a few ponds and many remain too acidic for trout to this day. However many have come back. The other impact is that those that did come back and had invasive species issues have been reclaimed via the acid rain (funny thing is that the state calls it natural reclaimation), stocked with native strains and are now brook trout only ponds. The state also reclaims many of the ponds in NY and restocks them with native strains. Brook trout only ponds offer by and far the best trout fishing IMHO, especially if you flyfish. The pond needs at least 3 years to bring the fish to at least 12 inches. You may not catch as big a fish in them as those with shinners and such but you will catch nice fish 12"-16" and many many more. Float tube is a must if you intend to flyfish. You have the option of trail walking or bushwhacking. Bushwhacking you will go about 1MPH as opposed to 3MPH on a trial in the NE. The NE woods are much thicker then out west. I find NE backcountry adventures to be very different then out west.
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