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What a fantastic day! Certainly the most productive day of fly-fishing I have ever had. Let me begin by saying that early season Striper fishing on the RI coast is clearly under rated. The weather was just about perfect, 6:30 AM, FAC & the first swirls 300 yards from the launch. Al was on fire using the Angle-Hair flies & Ray was right behind. I didn’t really have my Mojo working because I was not hooking up nearly as much.

After that spot cooled off & other boats started moving in, we headed out to the point of the neck. We were checking out a Boulder field that Ray likes to fish, when we noticed what looked liked a large school of bait, so we motored over to investigate. Sure enough, a LARGE school of 2-3” spearing. A few birds were diving on the bait. The bait was dimpling the surface, but appeared to be unmolested. There was a second school of bait & then a third. There were several boats off in the distance, but we were the only ones who noticed what was going on. We were moving between the bait schools, checking the Fish Finder & waiting (hoping) that some fish would find this Banquet. Well, we didn’t have to wait long; the first “wave” erupted just yards in front of the boat. We killed the motor & litterly drifted into a ¼ acre feeding frenzy. I have never seen stripers feeding so close to a boat, staying on top & not getting spooked. This first wave lasted about 20 minutes & Still not another boat around us. The fish finally went down, but after a brief regrouping of the bait, it started again a few hundred yards away. Just about that time the other boats caught on & we were no longer alone. However, the fish & bait spread out & smaller versions of these eruptions were popping up all around the area. So as the fish spread out, so did the boat & one or two boats worked different pods. This went on for hours! I was doing the same things as Ray & Al, but for some reason I just was not getting as many hookups. Well, when what your doing isn’t working, try something else. Ray had mentioned that although the fish were busting the surface other fish were showing on the finder near the bottom. So, I switched to the QD-line with a Fluoro leader & a 3” olive Clouser & started dragging the bottom looking for some Big Boys. Well it paid off, two 30” fish in the 8.5-9 lb range. I also caught the two smallest fish on the day, which were 12” rats. However, I see the huge range of sizes as a very good thing; we caught rats, dinks, micros, twinkeys, schoolies & many Upper 20s”. Lots of class-years represented! I have never seen a spring blitz like this before.

Ray, thanks again for a great Spring Break Out!!
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