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Bristol Fireworks

Saturday, May 12th, Bristol Rhode Island

Nature was in perfect balance today. A light southwest wind was barely putting a ripple on the surface. Top water temperatures remained a constant 67 degrees no less. With a low tide at 5:30 am this morning, the current started to pull about an hour later. The timing of the arrival of the first major schools of migrating silversides and striped bass coincided with an abundance of plankton and algae in the water. On board for todayís trip were Greg Owirka (grego) and Al DeLuca (Al_D) as they are known. All the fish factors were in place and the Godís of Neptune were agreeable.

Located some swirling activity along the rocky shorefront of Colt State Park. Made our first drift. Al was the first to connect on his second try using a small Capt. Rayís Angel Hair fly on a clear intermediate line. Brought to the boat our first fish of 4 lb., a nice plump ocean racer striper complete with sea lice. Release at least 10 others of similar size using the same technique. Others boaters taking note, quickly congested the area with motor noise and live bait techniques.

Headed south toward Poppasquash Point along the western shore of Bristol RI. Water was cleaner with less pollen. Acres of silversides were filtering algae down to 10 feet. Bait started to condense and move toward the surface in a nervous like fashion, much like a light spring rain. Surface action erupted as the first wave of stripers strafed completely toward the surface school of baitfish. Not a violent confrontation mind you like a bluefish blitz, but a rather selective controlled choosing of food source. This is probably why the action continued all morning long. Each frenzy would last for 15-20 minutes, than a pause. Long enough to observe their direction of their next sortie attact. Action was continuous for the next four hours or so.

Surface and subsurface activity Ė Intermediate lines with angel hair flies, olive ultra hair Clousers and small flies with flash. Sizes to match the 2 inch surface silversides and spearing.

Deep Depths Ė Quick sink rate fly lines with olive angle hair and flatwing type flies of larger variety. Fishing the edge of channels with 30 feet drops and 30 second pause. Very slow retrieve rates.

GregO manage to get half a slam. Brought two keeper size bass to the rails along with a Josko (sea robin) fish. All toll more than 75 fish were released of varied sizes. As Greg noted, Itís nice to see that all year classes were represented.

Catch of the Day Ė Later after noon lunch, Alís wife, Jenn joined us with Alton, their three-year-old son. Talk about a great Motherís Day gift. Jenn lifted her first fish of the season as young Alton was admiring her fish catching talents. A Kodak moment for sure.

Antidote to this report. Had a friend put his boat in about an hour after after us. Same launch ramp. We took a left and he took a right. Not a bump for the entire morining. Just goes to show that being in the right place at the right time has merit. How many times do we flip a coin and make the right decision? There is still an element of "Luck" to this sport.

Capt. Ray Stachelek
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