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I've made two trips. First was in September '94 which was spectacular. Second in March '01 during which it rained and blew 40mph 90% of the week. There is plenty of fishing still to be had in the lagoon backwaters but its not quite the same if the sun isnt shining. Take rain gear. If you don't need it, great. If you don't have it, well .....

When the weather is settled, the fishing on the reef can be amazing. A trip to the Korean Wreck is a "must" experience for big bones in the surf.

An hour or so either side of low tide will see bigger than average bones nosing onto the reef. Next time I go I will skip a day with the guides and just walk the beach. You will also see many different species of large fish schooled up on the reef spawning. Then just before sunset, you can sit on the beach with a Fosters and watch the Tuna chasing huge schools of flying fish.

Just watch how you go. If you get washed off, next stop is Japan

Take some wire. There are world record barracuda to be had
When sight fishing, look over your shoulder from time to time, you never know who's behind you
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