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Forget Pestell resort--I don't believe it is even open, though I could be wrong.
Grey's Point will serve you dinner--just call ahead to be sure they are available.
Also, Chester's highway Inn in Chesters, north of Grey's Point will serve dinner--again just call ahead to be sure. Excellent food and Arnette and Julius are great hosts.
They may also rent you a pickup truck if available and not being used by their guests. No need to worry about a flat tire at Chester's-they have 3 vehicles and can usually make repairs right there, and they are on an expansive flat--you can see tailers from your window! Plus they have bikes and kayaks just in case.

Grocery stores are not really well stocked, so I always eat out--usually at Chester's or Grey's point. I have heard guys also do well to stay at Feltons which is much further south.
New gas station in Spring Point too.

Have only had beers at club rollex--fun place.

e-mail me if you have any more questions.
Have a great trip!! I'll be there in March--can't wait.

One more thing--don't lose your bahamasair ticket stub for your flight home--they will try and make you buy an new one.
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