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I fished Anegada with my brother and we spent the entire day wading the flats but it was a bit too deep to do anything reasonable DIY style. I'd love to know more about the spots because I plan on going back to Virgin Gorda/BVI area this winter for family vacation.

I went back and fished it with a guide, Kevin, and we saw a ton of fish but it was very fast fishing- meaning we floated along and the fish were moving right at us, "there there there, cast cast, ok, it's gone". It's not hunt and sneak, heart pounding fishing, but you can catch fish. I did. Personally, I don't find it nearly as much fun as the hunting style.

We did see Tarpon as well and that was a ton of fun. I'm a DIY type fisherman and I spent five days on Virgin Gorda working one flat to catch one fish, and it was great but I wouldn't recommend it if you want numbers. I also fished with Juro for a week and caught a Bone a day, but I was fishing 12-13 hour days.

For DIY fishing, you have to find shallow flats, where you can see the back of the fish, because if you're trying to sight fish for them it's usually too late when you finally see them in the water. You'll see them but usually they will be skirting away or two close, or about to scoot. So try and find spots that have shallow spots, and know the tides, where you can see their tails/backs breaking through. You might not see as many fish but at least you'll have a shot at catching them.

And the best way to catch Bone DIY, I feel, is to go really early. I fish from sun up, like when you can see- 545- to 830. After that it goes down hill until 630 at night. That's just what I've learned. Mid day I spent napping and trying to find Permit.
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