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Hi Chris:

You are right on relative to habitat destruction. Anyone who has been to the branches (particularly salmon branch) of the Grand Cascapedia has seen clear cutting at its worse. On the York and St. Jean they are now cutting massive amounts of trees (at a time when lumber is fetching almost nothing) and the Dartmouth has already experienced large cuts and that has had an impact on water temps and fluctuations. In Gaspe, they have said there is a person or persons on the zec board whose responsibility is to monitor cutting plans and to push for reduced cuts and minimizing the environmental impact of cutting. If that is true then someone is asleep at the switch. If it is not true then someone needs to step forward before it is too late.

I will not forget a day I had up in the wading sector of the G-Cas a few year back. I was fishing pool 80 and then walked downstream. In the river were a couple of forestry people from a University. They said they were studying silt build up to see if the massive logging had any sort of impact on the river. I was suprised that in 2001 that there was no scientific evidence that loggin had an impact and was surely grateful that these folks were "looking into things"

Fact is, though, that not every river has seen the massive cutting like the rivers I am mentioning. And, with runs down everywhere worldwide there has to be more to it than just poor logging practices. That is not to say that poor logging practices have not had an impact; they surely do overtime. My fear is that something is occuring at sea and I am not sure what it is.

A year or so ago Dave Bishop told me about a fungus that was showing up on salmon entering the Grand Cas. I would like to know more/hear more about that.

Bill Greiner
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