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Bill, poaching is still alive, for sure, but protection from a ZEC or a Reserve is nothing else than dissuasive for light poaching and certainly not effective for heavy poaching. I am still to see a guard to arrest is neighbour after this one advised him he should be better to stay quiet for the health of is children. In fact, in the past, the period where these rivers were the most poached was during the period they were operate by private club, which was the period where they had the highest number of guardian. The Grande Rivers you mentioned was under control of a french. The last year he was responsible of the whole river, only 79 fish were counted on spawn...

I know the ZEC has responsabilyt for a road in some case, but most pay that with "Volet 2" project, so gouvernment project anyway.

As far as I know, if these fish have been able to cross the ocean on the road to their rivers, they must be able to swim couple more miles alone...
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