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The roads on the Dartmouth, St. Jean (both sides of the river), Grande, and Pabos West and Petite Pabos are the responsibilities of those zecs to maintain (new culverts were put in on the Dartmouth in 2005 or 2006 and were paid by the zec as was a bridge (not the bridge washed away by the August floods) and the grading, etc is done by the zecs. The road on the Pabos North is maintained by the Zec des Anses and every salmon angler pays a right of access fee to pass on the road as part of their fishing pass. Grande river could not afford to maintain road 2 years ago and I agreed to pay a higher price (30% more) for the block of rods so that they could do the maintenance that was necessary.

As for protection the Grande River was netted at least twice this year (in July if you need specifics) after the gate fell down. I will not comment more on that but fish were lost and the fact that they can only afford 2 guardians on the zec shows that more is needed. If you think that no other netting occurs I would (unfortunately) suggest that you are naive. Again, I will not elaborate but can assure you that this is not conjecture.

I will also tell you that on the St. Jean River within the past 5 years salmon were pitchfored out at night on several occassions at Big Indian on the St. Jean. The number of guardians on that river (and the others we fish) is inadequate. When the zecs do not have large revenue (Grande and Pabos) or mismanage themselves (Gaspe) and see revenues decline by 15-20% the first thing that gets cut is protection. Correct me if I am wrong but the zecs were mandated by the Govt to provide protection on the rivers in return for management. If they fail to do so they can loose their management agreement.

Additionally, the Dartmouth has seen many salmon with flies in their backs even when the river was C&R. If someone wants to take a fish they will, regardless of rules and regulations.

I would also suggest that if all of the rivers were C&R there would be some that would be determined to take fish because of the regulation of C&R.

Maybe all of the other Quebec rivers have seen poaching go to zero but not the ones on the tip. I would venture a guess that it is still alive, though not as bad as it was 20 years ago.

At least we now seem to agree on Catch and Release of Large, Wild Atlantic Salmon.

Bill Greiner
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