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"Interesting suggestion. No access fees for anyone would mean that the Government (Quebec taxpayers) would have to subsidize the costs of protection, access (roads, trails), infrastructure, etc. Do you think they would be up for those costs? I have no idea about the total cost of such an undertaking but I would suspect it would be several million dollars."

Let's see couple things. Acces road are, in the major part, already paid by the government. No revenu from the ZEC pay for the roads in most fo the rivers.

Protection now. Except for the place where there is a gate, could you please tell me how many poachers has been arrested in the last 20 years with the protection from ZECs? I am confident for number lower than 10, for all ZECS in the province. Personaly, I have always considered anglers are the best protectors, and we had couple very good example in the last couple years ont he Matane and Matapedia. Infrastructure now. Which part of your access fee goes for infratructure? Around nothing! Most of what you see have been paid by programm!!! And having a pic nic table might be funny, but it will not stop me to go fishing.

Basicaly, the model based on ZEC and Wildflife reserve has always been justified to control the access based primary on a conservation concern. If there is no kill, there no concern no? (or less) So why having a heavy management structure ion that situation. And on an economic standpoint, what is the best, 100 people spending 100$ per day in the area, or 40 people spending 100 $ per day in the area and 50$ for the ZEC? Outfitters and gudie will anyway have bussiness from people looking for all included services, exactly like on the Margaree. People looking for more "elitic" package will always have the north shore and Ungava outfitters available

So let's go to C & R everywhere, open water everywhere, and let's all folks fishing , having fun and promote conservation and species protection
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