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Interesting suggestion. No access fees for anyone would mean that the Government (Quebec taxpayers) would have to subsidize the costs of protection, access (roads, trails), infrastructure, etc. Do you think they would be up for those costs? I have no idea about the total cost of such an undertaking but I would suspect it would be several million dollars.

Here is a counter proposal:

Catch and release for all MSW as you suggest. Mandatory outfitting or guiding for non-residents (there is a moratorium for new outfitting liceneses and the same could be done for authorizations of commerce which the LEGAL guides need to obtain). No commercial enterprise (outfitter or guide service) could have more than 2 rods per river in a limited zone per day (there would be no limit as to how many rods could be sent by that business to open waters). This would reduce non-resident pressure on rivers and ensure that most of the limited zones would be available to residents (there could be an opportunity for these businesses to pick up unused limited zone rods the day of fishing that were not bought by residents in the 48 hour draw to ensure no lost revenue). Further, it would allow businesses to offer fishing in controlled (limited access) zones for a certain number of customers in order to charge a rate that ensures a viable business and the employment that results. These rods could be part of the 20% rule or could be obtained thru draws (the current draw system, in my opinion, needs to be reformed to 1 card for 1 angler).

Net result; no large, wild salmon being killed. Priority access for resident anglers. A place (albeit not a large place) for commercial operations who provide jobs and revenue for the economies, and an opportunity for the rivers to finance themselves without taxpayer subsidies.

The best way to eliminate foolish mamagers is to have their members vote them out if they end up either destroying the resource or bankrupting the organization over foolish plans.

Bill Greiner
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