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Originally Posted by Salar-1
R u interested in all , or just the three ZEC Gaspé rivers ?
Matane 2745 !!!!!
Patapedia around 300
Rimouski 500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bonaventure around 800 (should be adjusted ,due to the ton of fish above E ,that are not habitually include in the count )
Petite around 400
Grande Cascapedia around 700
The fish barrier on the Dartmouth also washed out
At least the Whitehouse barrier washout FINALLY stopped that carnival idiotic "fishing in an aquarium "
Brian, Patapedia is for sure over 300, since they had more than that only in Fork at the mid season count. They were in 500 range on July 31st, if the usual pattern is there, it should be around 800-900.

For the Matapedia, the count was in the 1300 MSW range in low visibility condition, sow 1300 is a minimal estimation. But in the Matapedia and Patapedia, very few grilse which is a major concern for next year. Globaly, the Restigouche watershed seems to be not that bad compared with the Baie des Chaleurs rivers, like Grand Cascapedia and Bonnie

On the St Lawrence side, it is around the average everywhere, for both MSW and grilses. Regarding the Matane, you must add 118 fish to the final count -fish caught bellow the dam-, so the total number is 2871. With around 1300 grilses, there is no concern there for next year. Same thing for Rimouski, with more than 500 fish (for the first time), including arond 375 grilses. But in this case, the fact they are still under a stocking programm change the reality.

Sagenay and North Shore are also in good shape

Regarding Bill's sugegstion, I would have another one; open water everywhere with no access fees and catch and release for all MSW. So no more conflict about who will get which water, no more concern about who is the best or the worst management, and equality of chances in access for everybody
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