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It's good to see you over here.

You ask some very hard questions.
It took me 4 trips to the Keys to catch my first bonefish.
Since then the most bones I have caught there in a day was 5.
I have had days when I had 4 shots and caught 4 fish.

Ten shots in a day is a lot.

A good day is probably 2 fish.

The question about tarpon is also very difficult to answer. It is so weather dependant.
I was in the Keys this year at the middle of April. They fish had just started their migration and there were quite a few fish about. I had about 10 shots, jumped 2 and landed one 130 pounder.

I have had days in the Keys when I have jumped 15 fish in one afternoon. I have also had days when there were fish everywhere and not jumped any.

There are (were) a lot of different places in the Keys where there were baby tarpon but they are becoming fewer all the time because of fishing pressure.
They are mostly resident fish.

In summary when I go to the Keys I don't actively chase bonefish any more. I prefer redfish and snook. Also it is a fantastic place for tarpon when the conditions are right.

I hope that helps a little.

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