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I've always used cortland lines and been somewhat satisfied. 444SL floater is nice casting but seems to grit up and get a bit sticky in the warm weather. My first 444SL clear intermediate (early version) gets sticky in the warm weather but the second has been better.

444Qd's were good but cracked at the joint between the head and running line. 555QD's I like, they're slick and sink like a stone, heads seem to be denser than the 444's. They are less chuck and duck in thier casting quality than the 444QD's, probably due to the head taper.

555 tropical lines cast nice but seem to take up a lot of spool space.

So the bottom line is the cortlands seem to be a bit inconsistent to me. The casting quality seems to be more nuteral on the non QD's, which I like, than other brands I've tried.

My last several lines have been wulff's and after getting used to the more aggresive taper I've come to like them (almost chucked the first one on first outing). Clear intermediate developed a lot of cracks after a full season but I suspect that had to due with storage issues (to much time in the truck, differential expansion between core and coating).
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