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Hello Fontinalis,

I can say that for myself, I am (still) waiting to see a copy of the counts.
I was at the Zec office at the end of the season and they had no confirmed or written numbers to give me then. (That was October 1)
We all know the gates fell on all three rivers, so it will be difficult to get an exact estimate.
We fished over fish right through September 30th.
Again, Petit Sauimon, in sector 1 was holding fresh fish (small and big)..about 30 fish ..September 30th!!
Sector 4 (Gros Saumon) ..I was guiding there with another guide, and we could see
very large fish,,,(silver) which I thought should have been in the river in early June.
Go Figure, was weird year.
As soon as I hear from the Zec, I'll let you know my findings, but then again, it will be an approximate count!!
Is there a pattern?? Some say every 7 years etc... Wish I knew!!

There's good years and bad years, fishing is fishing.... !!

Me too, I wonder, like you..."that a number of the fish delayed by sea ice simply elected to not spawn this year, and they'll show up next year".

We'll see what happens next season....maybe we are right!!!!



Keep'em in the water!!
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