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I know for a fact that many Gaspe anglers and guides read this board constantly, but I'm disappointed that not many post, especially to talk about a serious issue like the one we're facing from this year's runs.
I know that not many lodge owners/guides and outfitters want to scare away potential clients by talking about low runs in a public forum, but unless something is done about it (like instituting more C&R, which I know in Quebec is like pi$$ing into the wind - I know, I lived there for 13 years), the situation isn't likely to improve.
Any theories floated out there yet for the cause? Seems strange to me that both grilse and 2 year fish are down this year. The optimist in me wants to believe that a number of the fish delayed by sea ice simply elected to not spawn this year, and they'll show up next year. Probably wishful thinking though.
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