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I am going to throw in my 2 cents on Anegada. Its a beautiful island. 15 miles of nearly deserted beach on one side and expansive flats on the other. The food is excellent, best lobster I have had. I have been there 3 times and stayed at the Anegada Reef Hotel each time. It caters to the sail boaters and is a lively spot in the evenings. They offer room and 3 meals a day plan which was around $100 a person when I was last there in 2002. I also rented 4wd from DW's. Its a great way to get around the island on your schedule.

On the fishing, I found the DIY fishing difficult but did catch a few. Found a couple of spots I could go to where you had a good chance of seeing fish. The problem for me was that the flats were just so expansive that I had a hard time finding the spots. You can find tarpon at the Anegada Reef in the mornings and evenings under the dock lights. They clean the lobster there and they hang out in that area. Also you can just walk the beach neast of there and find tarpon in the surf at times. Also if you go to the government dock you can find them under the lights at night. As Josko mentioned there are 2 good guides there. I have fished with Garfield Faulkner on each visit and he is in tune to the island and will find fish. I havn't fished with Kevin but I am sure he is good also. Take a rod with you to the beach side too. I have seen bonefish, permit and baracuda just cruising along the beach.

Not sure about the ferry but when I was there the only way to get there from Tortolla was by plane unless you had a boat. I think there was a ferry from one of the resorts on Virgin Gorda but to get to Virgin Gorda from Tortolla you have to take a ferry or plane.
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