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Thanks Fred for posting our blog site. MY wife Tracy has done a great job on it so far. This Wifi stuff is really pretty primative with poor connections and so many dropped connections. But we are getting better at it and improving our equipment all the time.
Our trip up the Delta was real fine with strippers everywhere and also so many sturgen jumping all over the place. If anyone will be spending time in the San Francisco area you should try the fishing in the delta region. Not as great as Cape Cod or the East coast stripper fishing but real different country to fish in. It is like a mix of Wyoming ranch land and New Orleans Mississippi delta. there are a lot of folks from the M-delta living out this way from the sounds of the very southern drawls one encounters when asking about the fishing. There seems to be no sight fishing even on the miles of flats they have out here. There are whole bays that are 3 miles long and 3 miles wide that only have 1 to 2 feet of water on them at low tide. Tons of strippers but no crashing bait or bird activitty. Stripper fishing here is more like large mouth bass fishing casting into rocky nareas and around the many slough drainages.

We will leave the SF area early next week if we get a weather window and head south. Half Moon Bay, Channel Islands, Hearst Castle then San Diago. November will bring the end of the Hurricane Season in Mexico and we are looking forward to warm nights, Gin & Tonics, more of them anyway and some really good fly fishing and surfing.
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