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Todd, I am glad you mentioned that.... Juro, Penguin, Grizz and I went down for a great overnight , and a couple weeks later, Jim Sims spent the night. We went down with a group of Birders, including Doctor Ed who brought his faimily down and spent a lot of time flyfishing as well. The Light house was being worked on this past season and I understand that it will be available next season. My plan, which I have discussed with Keith and Mike( Director of the refuge), is to "plan" several overnights just for Flyfishermen. I think the maximum number is 10 people, and a "guide" or house carekeeper will have to join us. Someone who knows the rules and also prepares meals for us...although Juro did a great breakfast and the Bluefish catch tasted good too. We need to take the wooden window blocks off and do some preparation to get the place ready for the weekend once we get there. But it is a short walk to the Rip and we get to work various tides and other locations. The walk though the interior is interesting...the fresh water pond, old rusted Model T's, and old foundations from the little village that was once there, wandering deer, etc. make this a great take. I hope that this coming season opens more trips to the Tip and "several" overnights at the lighthouse. Sitting on the deck at sunset was a treat (including Grizz's collection of High end scotch , $300 bottles! ) at that location and early morning was a sight. We all had to pity and joke about the guests at the Chatham bars Inn that weekend .Check and search back on this Forum for the pictures we took from the last overnight. It's usually a 7am departure time on a Saturday morning with a 4pm pickup on Sunday.
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