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I'd recomend any type of class or online reading you can find on the subject. I learned through a local builder, flex coat's little paper back black ang white book and Start to Finish Fly Fly Rod Building which is also by flex coat.

that being said....

Get yourself a rotary rod drier.
Its possible to hand turn a drying rod, but the results will be better with a motorized drying rack.

I do just fine without a comercially made rod tying rack. I don't do the most intricate rod designs, so I use a cardboard box with notches to hold the blank as a stand for the rod blank I'm wrapping.

I used a cabelas brand foregrip on one of my builds and wholeheartily regret it. I've used the rod quite a bit over the past two years and the cork grip has deteriotated considerably even though I rubberized it during the building process.

Rod building is fun and fairly easy. Any mistake that you make can be fixed pretty readily except for the actual rod finishing, which is fairly starightforward to the instructions of whatever finish you choose.
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