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John I am certainly game for all of the above. It seems as though when we make long term plans they get torpedoed by the weather.
If we can convince the good captain to take a few of us down on short notice, I am willing to spend what it takes.
Like I said before, For the few times I am able to go, it is cheaper than owning a boat capable of getting out there.
If I am already down there & things do not work out there is always the other locations that can serve as a back up. I plan on buying a SOT Yak this winter for bayside fun next year without having to quit early due to the tide.

Never the less the Rip is truly a shore fisherman's dream come true.

I like the idea of starting earlier too. may give more of us a chance to get down there. If the Plovers don't screw things up......although the first trip the signs were up.
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