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Rip Trips for 2008

I will speak with Keith on the 08 season. I am hopeful to schedule many trips... also discus with him the numbers... for example if birders are going down, how many fisherman can go?.... can we have any numbers with a max of 15?...can, say, two guys go if necessary if the boat is filled with walkers? Can we schedule these trips weekly starting in May..or earlier ? We need to do this because of the weather cancellations... In fact, I am going to schedule one for one at least, and I will pay the $300 since it's still less, or equal money, for a shore guide. I would not need to take a shore guy anyway. The bite , as we have seen, is probably better from the rip than drifting a boat though the area . At some point could I get 2 others for $100 each for the day...Questions like this will be discussed with Keith. How about the situation where Keith can do it with one nights notice. On a regular summer day, midweek or weekend, we have 5 or 6 Forum guys going to NM or SB.... how about a last minute trip to the tip... providing Keith can fit it in to his days schedule...we usually leave before the seal trips and come back after the last seal trip. One way or another, and now with the bigger boat ,we need to schedule more of these inbetween the usual past scheduling; and what about the mid location trip...This will give us four choices instead of the usual two location choices of SB and NM...just my thoughts.
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