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Different leader attachments


Does anyone use a small steel eye-pin that you insert into the end of the fly line? It has small barbs on the pin shaft and this digs into the inside of the fly line. I've been using these for years and never had any problems with them.

Do any of you see any drawbacks to using these?

I also recently bought some nylon connectors for my saltwater line to leader connection. I tie a simple overhand knot in the fly line and it nestles into a notch and another overhand knot on the end of the leader which also nestles into another notch. It's a little bit of a bump on the line, but it seems to slip through the guides and it doesn't seem to cause too big of a splash when it hits the water... that being the only drawback I see with it. But, do you think an overhand knot is not that strong and that would be the weakest link?

Thanks... from warm and sunny southern Thailand
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