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Building a Rod

I think I want to build a few rods this winter. Or at least one to start with. I have no equipment or materials. For that matter I have never even seen it done. But that is no obstacle for me. I can read and see what others have done. If I can assemble a Diesel engine form a box of parts I am sure I can build a rod and make it come out decent.
In any case I would like to know what some of you seasoned rod builders recommend for tools & equipment. I see Cabela's & others have kits and components etc... But if the kits are like any other kits I have purchased in the past, they are incomplete or lacking in some way. I find you are better off to buy what you need to get things done, even if it is more expensive to get started. Like any job, I can imagine having the proper tools and good materials is the key to success.

I also need a good how to book, once again there are numerous books I see advertised. But which one is good?

I would also like a good source of components.
I can get Sage blanks from my friends fly shop or another local shop handles T&T, Loomis and Scott. However they are not into rod building so other stuff may be hard to get from them.

In the mean time I will research some more on my own
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