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For all...I posted this on a separate thread....

"I wanted to remind all the rip trip particicpants that we will have a larger number than usual and think it is important that I mention a standing rule right off the bat that we all implimented after an earlier rip trip a couple years ago. We all agreed that if one fisherman is in a hot spot and since the current swing into the rip will not allow more than 3 or 4 line swings at a time , hot spots need to be rotated among the attendees and no one guy can stay all day in a "hot spot"swing position . Everyone will be able to swing the fy from right to left on an outgoing tide and left to right on incoming tide. Fish are all over that shore line anyway and fish can be caught even if you are not in the swing line....BUT.... in the event positions become key... and hot spots become obvious the rule will be that once a fish is caught in a hot spot the catcher will rotate and LET THE NEXT GUY have some action. No exceptions or we as a group wll not be too happy with hoging .... any questions or objections....I will remind every one of this and am certainly open to suggestions to make this fair to all." Forgot to say that no one polices this rule and we all expect that this is "volunteered" and we all don't expect a disorgainized firedrill so to speak.

Here is the current list:

1. striblue
2. Penguin
3. Paxton
4. Polareyez
5. FishHawk
6. sradin
7. CJS60
8. Sean Juan
9. PopnesetBay
10. Guernseybass
11. flydoc
12. n1gdo
13. SteveM
14. DaveP
15. Warren

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