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Originally Posted by juro
contact the manuf for specs but I can offer one pc of advice - don't anchor in a river from a pontoon

still water, slack water is fine but don't try it in a current

#1 - the anchor can't be pulled from the pontoon, not enough leverage

#2 - if the current is more than estimated and the rope can not be free the pontoon can get swamped

#3 - you will be held downcurrent under tension and the anchor may be locked in an unstream crack so the only chance you have is to row up and pull while the current pulls you back down tightening again, a small window

If you do decide to try it go with a buddy so they can help you get out of a bind

I have rowed a bucks bag in up to Class III for years and never anchor in current after the first couple of learning experiences.

good luck
I was on the Bow river the only time I tried to anchor in the current. The anchor (just a 1lb downrigger ball) jammed behind a rock and I spent a terrifying 30 seconds or so as the boat lifted to about a 40 angle on its stern tips, before the anchor pulled loose. The only thing that kept the boat from turtling mid-river, was my weight as I leaned forward with my upper body between the footpegs. Haven't been that scared for years; haven't anchored in flowing water since.
I just returned from a drift down the Thompson River and ran plenty of big Class II water in my 8' 6" Waterskeeter. Didn't even get my upper body wet.
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