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I do love to fight and eat bluefish - when I set out to do so.
When most of us dislike bluefish is when we are targeting extremely picky and line shy fish like bonito and false albacore. The picky part means we tend to use our absolute best flies and if we find one that they like, it becomes precious. The line shy part means we can't use wire. Therefore, if we are using an absolutely precious fly we can't bear to lose, getting bit by a bluefish is very aggrevating. Even if we some how manage to land the blue without getting bitten off, they have chewed the fly to pieces.
I keep a seperate stock of flies for blues. Usually they are the failed tying experiments, formally good flies worn out or the ones the kids tye during tying lessons. Just a few days ago I put those flies to good use when the albies were eluding me. I adjusted my mental state off of albie intensity, tied on some wire and proceded to have a ball with 7 to 10 pound bluefish. For some reason on flies they like to jump like largemouth bass. I rarely see that with plugs. Great fun!
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