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Here is a link to follow (non Commercial to the best of my knowledge)

Blue fish are carnivorous little devils that are great sport on a fly rod IMHO. A ten pounder or bigger can take you into the backing with ease. Great fighters.
They have a mouthful of sharp teeth and will break you off unless you have a wire bite tippet or a heavy Mono tippet. You do not lip one with your fingers, Boga Grips or pliers are a good way to unhook one. They will try to bite you if they can.

A large Blue fish blitz is a sight to behold especially if they have bait trapped up on shore. Bait will literately jump up on shore to getaway from them.

Many people do not like catching them or eating them. I like to do both. But I am weird

quotes from link above. "If Bluefish came as big as Stripers... They'd EAT your boat!" and "A feeding bluefish is fearless, fights to the end, and then considers your fingers for dessert."
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