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sure.... I'll give it a try.

long shank hook. 1/0 for this 3" tie.
tie in a piece of extra large (pinky diameter) EZ body. tie in behind eye with material facing foward. Will pull back over itself later...
On hook shank wrap silver Body Braid to just before bend in hook.
near eye and behind EZBody:
tie in silver flash... extend 1"-1.5" or so past bend for tail
tie in white fish hair (or equal) ... extend for tail
tie in pink fish hair... etc.
tie in chartruse fish hair
tie in olive fish hair
tie in olive flash.
take EZbody and double back over itself and enclose fish hair.
Bind down at hook bend and tie off.
you can manipulate the EZbody to desired shape.
Use sharpie marker for gills and bunker dot.
5 minute epoxy over EZ body. (light coat to fill voids in EZ body mesh)
just before epoxy sets attach eyes.
trim tail to shape.

and for you Dave...Have a beer! (as per your avitar!)
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