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Hey OC -

As you know it's really popular on the atlantic coast and the small tuna (true) albacore fishing in the pacific is very popular in California but I got the impression they aren't tolerant of fly guys on those trips.

As I understand it the run to tuna waters off Washington are like 50 miles (similar in CAL) so the charters are typically overnight runs and then a crank'em-in mentality upon arrival. Unless you got a whole charter to agree to wait for each other I doubt you'd get the rest of the passengers to comply. The boats they use typically only have an open transom area so it could get dicey if more than one tuna was hooked up I would think.

This does raise a good question though... could we charter an albacore run among us one of these days? That way there would be agreement on the tackle. I'd be up for it.

Over here the run to tuna grounds is reasonable in a center console 21 footer where I don't think the warm currents are reachable the same way off the pacific.

Just a guess...
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