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I'm starting to think I wore my rod out!

No wise cracks please!
Seriously, I've been struggling for awhile with what seems to be declining casting ability. It seems I have developed bad casting habits somehow and I actually cast more like a beginner now than when I was a beginner [a looong time ago]. Lack of distance, trailing loops, wind knots, casts that just pile up in a heap all make for frustrating effort.
Today it occured to me that maybe it's not all my fault. I throw a nine weight Sage which is over ten years old. I don't remember what model it is and the writting is faded on the blank. When I bought it, I was told that it would throw better if I went up a line size from the rating. That seemed to be true and I have always bought ten weight lines ever scince. For a long time that was fine. Then I started developing casting issues. I have mostly just limped along and lived with it. I got away with it because so much of my fishing is close range. A recent embarassing experience running & gunning tunoids from a boat brought it to the fore front however.
Anyway, today I was throwing a brand new line, a ten weight, and having some difficulties. I started thinking the rod was being overloaded which got me thinking maybe the rod is getting played out.
Is that possible? Do rods decline over time? anyone ever encounter this?
I know I do have casting issues I need to address but now I'm wondering if there's more to the story. Any opinions?
Also, can anyone refer me to a book or website that might give me some help with my casting problems?
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