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no responses on this for awhile hopefully you will see this. It sounds like you purchased a shooting head system all in one line. Normally a shooting head system is used with a stripping basket. Your coild running line, is in your basket and as someone said before you don't want to false cast past your shooting head. With one or two false casts you load your rod and doublle haul to increase line velocity and then shoot you head along with the running line following. ITs alot like c&d fishing for salmon, but instead of a heavy sinker your using a heavy head . When I first got my shooting head system I didn't have a shooting basket and I tried to cast coiling the line on the ground next to me or holding the loops in my hand. Using these methods I could only cast as far as I could normally with a wf line, with a shooting basket its a whole other ballgame. You should also have a fast action rod which helps with your line speed. Good luck!
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