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Wow, I'm really bad

OK, I've been an avid paddler for 30 years in all sort of waters. Basically, I can paddle anything... at any degree of difficulty. For example, I paddled 229 miles of the Grand Canyon in a squirt boat at high water. Paddling is my life and my livelihood... and I iz good at it (patting myself on the back now). I've been a fly fisherman for even longer, but not as avid.

Yesterday I combined the two and I totally sucked at fly fishing! I ended up putting knots in the leader a couple times. The leader got all twisted up several times. And, the line hit the water behind me on more than one occasion.

I realized that I've only ever casted flies from a standing position or from a higher position in a canoe. I'm wondering if there are any of you who experienced the same dramas as I just described? Oh, one more thing, I used a new rod for the first time too. It's lighter and more active than I'm used to. I hope that's it.

Any insight is very welcomed... mild to harsh flaming, as long as funny, is also welcomed.

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