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hey NZ, sorry we missed you on Thursday. We left Neah Bay at 4 am to head for Westport. If I could have picked up the wifi there and had known you were coming we would have stayed. We had a lousy 27 hour sail down to Westport with heavy fog early on and then the worst lumpy seas I have ever been in. We would have been better off in 40 knots and 25 footers than the six foot slop coming from all directions. Went through the entire Pacific trawler fleet about 2am 36 miles out and over Grays Canyon. We were really tired when we finally got into the marina. caught a couple of Coho on the sail. We also had a lot of whales around us most of the day time sailing. we were playing with the radar alarm and set it for .5 miles and had it go off because a whale came completely out of the water inside the set zone.
Maybe next time.
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