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DARKSCOPE001, welcome to the forum, Your post is not to long at all, No worries.

For line selection the SA WF trout lines are first class as are the Rio WF lines. I also like the Airflo delta taper lines.

For your 7 wt, I have not cast or used a Rio Clouser line so I cannot comment on them. I would use a bass bug taper line, they seem to work better at throwing heavy deer hair poppers & such. All the line makers make a Bass specific line. I have a Rio accelerator (trout) line on my seven wt and use it for bass fishing, the only problem I find is that it does not like to turn over heavy flies, smaller bugs it handles fine. On my 8 wt I have a Cortland Bass bug taper & it does a better job. If your gonna throw big ugly deer hair poppers I would look into a bass taper line
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