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line and various other questions

Hey guys. this is my first post so take it easy on me. Hopefully im putting this in the right place. Right now I have a 5wt and a 7wt. right now because of gass prices I am trying to fish local streams for fish. I live in Pickerington Ohio, and my local stream is the Blacklick. So first off while at my local fly shop I asked what rod i should gear up for most local fishing. and they told me that the 5wt would be fine. my 5wt Is a redington redstart2. and its still has the line that came on it when i bought the rod. So I was wanting a new line for boath rods because my 7wt is a cabelas xst that has a bonefish line on it. So i was wondering If you could tell me what a good line for my 5wt would be Im looking for a all around line. I was thinking the SA gpx line for the 5wt. But then my 7wt rod is going to be my bass/pike rod so I of course want a bass line so I was thinking either. The SA bass taper line, or my lfs suggested the rio clouser line. any comments or suggestions are welcome. But I have one more minor question. since we all care about the envirnment I wanted to find a new shot that is compleatly harmless. so far i have the egg shot and altho it is tin it still has lead content. so has anyone tried the weight puddys? Im a bit skeptical but I would love to find something thats compleatly envirnmentaly friendly.

Sean Scott

p.s. Sorry for such a long post
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