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My experience is that the typical improved clinch knot is one of the weakest you can use with fluoro. A step up would be an UNimproved clinch. Better yet is the so-called Trilene knot (essentially an unimproved clinch with two turns around the hookeye.) In my experience, a knot better than any of the above is the Pitzen. Also, I do not lubricate my knots when using FC as the material, at least the stuff I've used, is already very slippery. I think that's doubly important for a knot tied while actually fishing as it could be tested right away. One can Google up Pitzen to find very good diagrams and instructions. It really is an easy knot to tie. I also like the Palomar, but it uses up quite a bit more of the tippet than a Pitzen. I always thought it was better suited for use with conventional gear for that reason.
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