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I have finally collected all the pieces together for my Tuna rig. The 600 gr Leviathan is not here yet. But I managed to find a 500 gr Airflo depth finder that I can get a decent cast out off. It seems a little light but I can shoot it 25-30 yards. I think a heavier line would be better.

Which brings me to the question of attaching the backing to the line. I used 65 lb sufix braid for backing. In the event I wanted to change lines quickly, I tied a Bimini in the backing and a whipped loop at the end of the running line and did a loop connection. What I do not like is the thin backing pulling against the loop , I am afraid under strain it may cut the running line. Should I or can I tie a nail knot connection with this braided line? Or am I worrying about nothing and just go fishing?

Looks like Sunday, myself & my friend Capt'n Carp are heading out weather permitting to look for Tuna up here. Probably have to settle for some blues but one never knows where the tuna roam
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