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Mid-Season Update in Gaspé..

Hello friends,

Hope you are all enjoying your fishing this season.

The Gaspé rivers are presently high ( slowly dropping), but offering great fishing!

I would say, today is like mid-June levels... We are even fishing sector 6 on the York ( which we usuually drop by early July!).

Just to re-assure you all, even though some retention gates have dropped during the rise....
Let us not forget all the downstream pools held fish, even before the gates existed.
Fish have not spread the word, "lets get out of here the gate is down!! "
Also, even though some gates are still not back in place, not all salmon take off above the gates.
Some back up a little and some go, but not all.

The St--Jean is offering great Canoe beats presently.... and the York is holding fish
in the usual sectors. ( Can't give you all my secrets!)

Catch rates on the York are even higher than last season!
Also, the Dartmouth has a higher count of large salmon than last season!!

Okay!! Two more months to go for us!!

Sorry for our long absence!! We were fishing for fish!!

Keep'em in the water!!

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