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Chinook salmon flies?

I fish the alsea river, and it has a decent salmon run starting right about now and I want to fly fish for them.. I know they are not a heavily saught after flyfishing fish, usually because of their strength, but I still want to give it a shot..

last year with my father after about 3 hours of blind casting and sight fishing to waiting salmon with home brew hairwing salmon flies I actually got a take, and one hell of a run.. lasting about an hour, and ending when the fish got tired of trailing my pathetic 6 wt line and jumped a rock cutting me off.. (go figure) lol.. I think it was like 12 pound tippit, and I was a nubbie.

anyway, suggestions for flies would be awesome I really want to catch and land a chinook.. and be the only person on the river to actually release one.. (needless to say.. meat fisherman every ten feet..)

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