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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 7:20 am Post subject: BP update


As some of you may know, the permit from the IEPA to allow the new facility and dumping has been suspended and will be re-reviewed in Sept.
Between now and then, I'm confident that awareness and pressure from around the lake will rise.

This just in: This morning, my local news station reports a new finding by the US EPA that BP in Whiting, IN is dumping 25 times the allowable mercury into the lake, and just made it public.

In a statement, BP has promised to work with local and federal agencies in a project to stop this by 2012.

Whoops, just picked up my morning paper and the story is now on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. Thank god they see fit to marquis this issue and get in front of the masses.

BP=Biggest Polluter.

Thank you EPA! Please take the time to sign the petition, only a 1-2 minute investment for a very deserving cause. SG
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