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makes sense
changing the subject, I see your home water is the alsea and siletz river. Mine is Argentina, way south. When I was a teenager I lived in corvallis for a couple of years (my old man was studying at OSU) and thatīs where I more or less learned to speak english.

Iīv actually caught trout in your alsea river!! Once I got a nice cutthroat (fishing with salmon eggs, not fly fishing). Its a beautyful river. Anyways, funny how life is, if your ever down in Corvallis in the "scarlet ibis" fly shop, tell the guys down there they introduced a 15 year old teenager to fly fishing (upper wilamette and the santiam river is where I used to go), who 15 years later still fly fishes about 11.000 Km. south!

I remeber these guys from the shop, the lived in Nepal I think (or maybe Mongolia), they went there with the Peace Corps, taught some people there to tie flies and actually later imported the flies from asia and gave those people a chance to make a few bucks and escape poverty. Cool thing to do.
well, thanks for the tip.
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