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I like the two-hander primarily because its something different, I was just curious how it compared to a similar weight one handed rod - primarily when it comes to big heavy flies.

Like with my 10wt I use a 420gr head - the two hander uses a 550gr head. So is the relative ease of the cast due more to the line being that much heavier, or because of the design of the two hander? The power I can generate with the two hander is much greater than I can with the 10wt, but then again I can generate substainally more power with my 10wt then I can with my 8wt.

I suspose the question works in the reverse as well for the guys that have the lighter version of a 2-hander.

If you had two rods: one a one hander and one a two hander and both loaded properly with the same grain weight head (length could vary) how much difference would their be in power? My guess is that the two-hander would generate more energy just because its length allows for a greater acceleration, but the one hand with a double haul could be pretty close...
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