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Nate Smith was a last minute addition to our group which made us a foursome. We hit West Wall first; as we were walking out to the jetty a few locals were leaving shaking their heads. No birds, no bait , but we casted for an hour anyway. We worked are way west showing Nate all the spots as he had never fished this area before. Deep Hole, Charlestown, Quanney, Weakapaug & Napatree. Oh did I mention that although it was 75 degrees & sunny here in the Greater Boston area; it was 50 degrees foggy & drizzely with intermitent down-pours in RI? The lack of bait & not seeing any signs what-so-ever of birds working was quite remarkable. It was cold & wet, but we had a lot of laughs. The best fish we got into were the $0.99 Filet-O-Fish sandiches at MacDonalds. That's why they call it fishing not catching! GregO.
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