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2-Hand vs 12wt

I just had a question.

This year I've been using a 2-handed rod to cast very large bunker and squid patterns - took some doing but I've finally got the cast down to the point where the big flies really aren't that much of a problem.

I was just wondering though that before I had a 2-handed rod I was trying to cast these same flies with a 10wt - the 2-hand casts the equivalent of a 12wt - so maybe that wasn't a fair comparison.

I also heard, and this may just be something you hear in the streets, that a 12wt one handed rod - for the most part - is designed more with lifting/fighting fish in mind than as a casting tool.

Reason I'm asking is I do a lot of kayak fishing where the 2-hand is of limited use, and just curious how it would compare to a heavier one handed rod.
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