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guys excellente advice as always, it was a very good question by popper and the answers have helped me out a lot.

I have a few questions though,
1-Whatīs a stripping basket?
2- boneheadīs suggestion on aiming to hit the fly line at your rod tip is actually something that happens to me unintentionally from time to time, any comments on how to prevent this, maybe lowering the rod after the foward stop?

finally, Iīve never had trouble with the back-cast stop, but no so in the foward cast. Something I read on the Net that has helped me very much (and I leave this subjecto open for criticism) is squeezing hard the rod hand after the acceleration of the backcast and foward cast. This "stiffens" my arm and makes me remember to do the sudden stop.

well guys, keep up your "evangelization" of new fly fishermen like myself! correcting my mistakes and learning new things have made the sport a lot more enjoyable for me.
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