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RE:No. Shore, How Long?

Terry, Which way from the restaurant towards the point or into the cove ? Towards the point we used to see fish racing back and forth in so tight to the rocks everybody was almost lifting their plugs out of the water before the fish got to them. I used depth charge lines and weighted flies -I tied them with lead ,work the current and stay in close,Cabala's crayfish flies can be deadly off the pier if they'll let you fish there anymore. Into the cove the bass will drive bait onto the beach or into the little hole in the wall on the Lanesville side. If you have a boat the stretch from Plum Cove to Folly Cove IMHO is hotter than Bass Rocks any day. How I miss cold deep water > I still haven't figured out Buzzards Bay yet-shallow and warm - yuck
Jim O
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