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You live in a state famous for white water rafting, and you could pick up a good, used raft and rowing frame at a very reasonable price. Generally speaking, rafts aren't the easiest crafts to fish from, but they are extremely forgiving when you plow at speed into a mid-stream boulder. Bit more so than a drift boat.

You can reconfigure the rowing frame to meet your needs for seat backs, etc. Personally, I did not like seat backs for my rowing seat, since I like to slide over quite a bit and move back and forth a lot depending on what leverage or angle I want on the oars. But this is a matter of preference. Many people really like them.

I'd go for a raft at least 13' long if you want to fish two people. Fourteen to 16' would be even better.

If you are planning on running real rapids on your fishing trips, go for quality. You don't want to run the risk of puncture by buying a cheap boat.

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