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No. Shore, How Long?

After Sean's report of stripers on the outer Cape, I got to thinking about the No. Shore & PI. So, you No. Shore Gurus, how long do you think until we decent sized fish in numbers at the mouth of the Merrimack for example?

Also, on a related vien regarding the Chart/White clouser for early season fishing, How do most people fish them? For bay & estuary fishing it seems to me that a sinking line (QD-325) would be over-kill on top of the weighted fly, is this so? I would think that an Intermediate is more in order? However, in deep rips and/or strong current the sinking line, weighted fly combo would make sense. It is probably obvious from my statements that I have not done a lot of clouser fishing. So, a basic 101-type description of technique & strategy would be helpfull. What does the Pope of Clouser fishing say?? Thanks in advance!
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